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Tax advice

Taxes for the entrepeneur

Taxes are inseparably linked to business, but as the tax authorities puts it: ‘There are more fun things to think of’. And the continuous changes in the tax rules do not make it any easier. We are always aware of the latest developments and current laws and regulations in the tax area. We help you make the most of your tax opportunities in order for you to take action.

Fiscal advisors

Our tax advisors don’t just look at your figures; they also listen to your story. What are your wishes for your company and what is your private situation like? With our knowledge of your figures, insight into your company and your personal situation, we advise you on how best to organize your tax position. And we also arrange that for you, that goes without saying.

Tax returns

At Meijer CnF, our advisors are at your disposal to assist you in your administration, annual reports and of course your tax returns. Contact us for:

  1. Income Tax Return
  2. Corporation Tax Return

Questions about your tax position?

Do you have other questions about your financial or tax position? Then of course we are there for you. Please contact us if you require more information or a personal advice.