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Prepared for the external control of your annual report

Are you obligated to verify your annual report by an external accountant? Our pre-audit can save you a great deal of time and work. We like to take this out of your hands by providing your (external) accountant with the required documents correctly and in time.


We have to compose a control file for an audit. The requirements for this particular file are getting more and more specific. We prepare your administration ] for the audit, in order to unburden your financial employees. And since we constantly consult with your accountant, we provide everything the way he or she prefers. This way you save extra charges from the (external) accountant.

Less work pressure during your audit

When we take care of your pre-audit, we deliver everything on time and according to the correct specifications. As your accountant we pocess up-to-date knowledge of the financial legislation and regulations and fiscal rulings. We are fully experienced with external reporting. This enables us to take the extra workload of an external audit of your shoulders.

Your benefits from the pre-audit service of Meijer CnF

• No extra workload for your financial employees
• All documents such as the draft annual report delivered according the applicable rules
• Optimal preparation of the control file so there are no surprises for you
• Saving on your invoice of the auditing accountant

Your preparation for the audit

Save yourself and your employees the extra workload with our pre-audit service and contact us about the preparation on your external audit.