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More with your figures

You want to do more business, we want you to be able to do more business. If you know which decisions to make and if you have time to grow, this is possible. We can help you with this. As your accountant we not only tell you what your figures tell us, but also which possibilities they have to offer you.

For financial reporting and advice

A good accountant is more than someone who creates order in your figures. That’s what we believe. We like to help you go further. By viewing your business together, by advising you and by assisting you realizing your ambitions.
Naturally we prepare your annual accounts, management- and interim reports. Our standard is to organize your financial report as well as possible! We go the extra mile for you, so you can do the same for yourself.

Insight in your possibilities

At Meijer CnF we work closely with you to get a clear view of your possibilities. This stands with checking, rating or compelling your financial documents, such as:

Annual reports
Management reports

An accountant who gives you space to do business

A clear insight into your figures and our sincere interest in our clients will tell you much more than what figures can show you. Do you want an accountant who guarantees having more time for your business? Get in touch with us.