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Complaints procedure

Meijer CnF Amsterdam adheres to satisfied relationships and we are therefore always working on the quality of our services. Where work is done, however, mistakes can also be made and misunderstandings can arise. If you are not satisfied with any of our employees or our services, we invite you to let us know as soon as possible. We take your comments very seriously and, where desirable, we would like to look for an appropriate solution.

Telephone resolving complaint

Often complaints can best be solved during a good conversation (by telephone or in person); We therefore ask you to contact us first by telephone consultation about the problem or to make an appointment. If the complaint concerns a particular person, it is preferable that you first try to reach a solution with that person. If this is not possible or if you have any reasons not to want to do so, you can also contact Mr. J. Caddick of our office.

Formal written complaints procedure

If your problem with a call has not been corrected or if the complaint does not lend itself to a call, you can formally submit the complaint in writing. This can be via the complaint form which you can download. You can send the completed form to us for the attention of Mr. J. Caddick (Confidential).

Expiration procedure

The procedure is as follows: Mr J. Caddick will deal with your complaint as soon as possible and consult with you and the other stakeholders to find a satisfactory solution. Within a few days he will confirm the receipt of your complaint and, if possible, respond to the content. He will also consult with you on the further steps and you may be asked for further clarification or further information.
In principle, consultations will take place within three weeks of receipt of your complaint to determine whether your complaint can be handled by mediation. The objective is to handle your complaint in any case within ten weeks. If this is the case, you will be informed and you will also be kept informed of the progress of the procedure. Of course, after completion, you will receive a written confirmation of the outcome of the procedure.

Other aspects of complaints system

Also in connection with professional regulations, all aspects of the handling of your complaint will be recorded. Of course, the information will be handled carefully and confidentially.

Finally, if you have a complaint and let us know, we greatly appreciate it. This gives us the opportunity to further improve our services. We will do our utmost to take measures aimed at minimising the likelihood of recurrence of the problem. We rely on a good continuation of the relationship and cooperation.

The Directorate of Meijer CnF Amsterdam

Download complaints form

Download complaints form